3 magnificent paradise in the Philippines

3 magnificent paradise in the Philippines

Three of this paradise was nature favours natural scenery beautiful, love, can please anyone, whether they are people like exciting or want to seek peace.
Jewel Boracay
Boracay is famous by the romantic beauty, attracting lovers and married couples to enjoy their honeymoon. This is the old men stopped by people who want to relax, lazing in the Sun, crystal clear restraints on the smooth white sand of the beach White Beach.

If you want to try a few adventure game thrills, go to the beach, Bulabog, East of Boracay, where waves, wind and gathering those who are passionate about kite surfing. You can also join diving and see the great wonders of the oceans, experience jumping from cliffs into the sea in this cliff diving or ice across the sea and mountains with tightrope. This island jewel is also the beach Balinghai and Diniwid, Yapak. This places less known to tourists and is awaiting discovery. Each Beach bearing a mysterious and seductive looks private.

At night, the Boracay to turn over and complete makeover. Peaceful beaches the morning becomes lively music and ecstatic in warm glaze. Your legs can hardly stand still when outside the drums throb and the crowd are dancing as dancing partying fun. Assuming you do not like loud, please ship the boat and explore the ocean''s under the sky with people you love or hold hands look Beach, enjoy cocktails and stargazing. Wandering through the night market and buy friends, relatives of a ring celebration is also a good idea to stay in Boracay.

At jade Island Boracay, besides natural beauty is unique resorts, brings you the most memorable vacation. For example the Shangri-La Resort and Spa featuring architecture, designed in harmony with the surrounding landscape or Discovery Shores Boracay is known to be somewhat flashy resort always incentives for the pair of lovers in a variety of special packages, and wedding ceremony services available right on the beach, in Elves.

capital of party in Manila
Its capital is city varied, contains plenty of interesting things in the luxurious shopping and vibrant entertainment precinct. At the Mall of Asia – the third largest shopping centre in the world, you will be overwhelmed the world branded monumental enough to satisfy the shopping fanatics. Besides, you can''t miss the Center Science Discovery Centre to test the ice rink, bowling with his family or enjoy fascinating movies in theaters-class.

People who liked partying for sure hard to deny a vibrant white night in Makati, where a bar or club grows san suicide. The dance floor is at no time a music, both local and foreign guests who seemed to pour on it. Similarly, Bonifacio Global City also attracts guests who prefer to live in the crowd and didn''t want to waste time in a vibrant city like Manila.

Besides, try your luck at the Solaire Resort and Casino or the City of Dreams. These converging Casino, the night pastime and hobby shops, certainly makes you happy and unforgettable memories. When you want to experience the world-class meals in the complex, the restaurant at Resorts World Manila is ready to serve you.
Manila doesn''t seem to have room for the sadness, by this city always show all the glitz and glamour to your visitors.

Palawan-where the world''s end
Call Palawan is the end of the world by the arrival here, you forget it all every late trouble, separately from the sweltering city of tall buildings and lazing about with nature.

Stunning limestone cliffs are scattered on islands created for Palawan very own beauty. Therefore, you cannot ignore tour discover the natural marvels created on the island. In the space of sea green, undulating mountains and dense forest of towering blue, one has the peaceful fishing village, where the locals are friendly to visitors and create opportunities for them to embrace the culture of the island.

Under the oceans of Palawan has a strange, mysterious world that you only discover when you join the scuba tour. Sure you will like it when filled up touching the Barracuda between the crumbling ruins of the shipwreck. A priceless gift that nature bestowed on this area are the underground rivers are designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Travels along the River, passing through underground caves offer a special experience for anyone passionate about move

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