Colon Cleanser Diet

Colon Cleanser Diet

Let us face the naked truth – if you carry shit, your life becomes shitty! This may sound so impolite and indeed manner-less, but then you should think that if it sounds like that, how bad it would be to carry!!! Intestines, poor organs, face kilograms of gluey and filthy substances that you never knew. You taste hamburger with all your spirits high but then the bread and other ingredients carry plenty of dirt, grime and many of unwanted materials that your intestines will never complaint about!

Over the times, intestines start giving answer since they are literally coated with such gluey material and this will alter the digestion, absorption and assimilation of the food consumed. The body will not get enough nourishment and as a result of that the body suffers from many health ailments, especially linked with gastrointestinal tract. Here, colon cleansing comes as a great solution that can remove all unwanted and harmful substances and cleanse the entire alimentary canal.

Colon cleanser diet is the diet that help revitalizing the intestines and offering them a new life so that they work with their best efforts. The foods to avoid in colon cleansing include coffee and black tea, all kinds of sweetened carbonated beverages, fast foods, canned/packed foods, foods with preservatives, alcoholic beverages, spicy and oily foods, fermented foods and the foods that are heavy to digest such as foods made up from refined flour or sugar.

Probiotics such as buttermilk or curds, raw egg yolks can be taken as they not only carry colon cleansing properties but they are also rich source of nutrition (essential vitamins and minerals). Healthy oils such as olive, oregano oil, and cod – liver oil are healthy. Wheat germ oil has lots of vitamin E that again rejuvenates the body including colons.

Vitamin C supplements and foods that contain roughage or fibers are most preferred and advised foods since they are natural colon cleanser. They also bind the fatty substances present in the intestines and expel them out with human feces, making body a fat free zone. They are therefore preferred as anti-obesity diet. Dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit juices, Psyllium husks etc fall under such category and can be consumed well.

Decoction made of holy basil, cloves, ginger, black pepper and rock-salt is considered to be very useful in cleansing colon, especially in the case of indigestion.

Some of the naturopaths believe that simply drinking lukewarm water throughout the day with fresh juice fasting serves the purpose. Water helps regulating metabolism and lukewarm water provides required temperature during digestion cleansing the colon in an effective way.

If colon cleansing is thought to cure poor digestive power, natural spices like garlic, ginger, mint, coriander leaves, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom are very useful since they all carry natural digestive enzymes that assist toning up the intestines and also cleansing the entire gastrointestinal tract making them germs free. Herbs like Emblica ribes, Butea monosperma, Piper longum, Piper nigrum can also be considered as healthy diet and can be included in daily routine, especially when there is parasite or worm infestation within the bowels.

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