Create your own fitness prgram!

Create your own fitness prgram!

There is no doubt that exercise are good for everyone. But it’s a fact that most women start and interrupt the fitness program as often as they start the engine on their own cars. Another proven fact is that, not a few times, they buy fitness equipment, use them a couple of weeks, after which they leave them dusted in a corner of the house. They key to a successful fitness program, consists in the pleasure of doing exercises. Fitness must be, first of all, fun, something you can’t wait to do – a social “phenomenon” in which you interact with persons that have the same purpose as you: a nice body.

Only the expression “work out” itself has pejorative connotations for most women, especially if they suffer from obesity or they are a little rounder. If you are a part of that category, start replacing those exercises with other activities. Change the way you do some daily activities in something more fruitful. Simple modifications, like vigorous vacuum, or a longer walk in your lunch break, or making arm curls with the can of soup before you open it will raise the flux of blood from arteries and will strengthen your muscles. Don’t set goals too “high”! setting goals too high in a relatively short time may be discouraging. You won’t achieve a perfect body in just a couple of days, that’s for certain.


The only thing you’re going to do is creating a intangible goal. Establishing realistic and achievable goals, like the graduate increase of exercise intensity or execution time of those, will make you more efficient and the results will come slowly but surely. Among these advantages are customized daily activities, strengthen bones and muscles, improve confidence in yourself, keeping a beautiful and healthy body, improve blood pressure and cholesterol, significant reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, increased mood, etc...

A problem often met at women that do exercises is the mistake of training a part of the body more than the others. This thing may create serious imbalances that will generate medical problems of the bones, muscles and wrists. Try to balance exercises / activities in such a way you won’t neglect any part of your body. Also, try and do aerobic at least three times a week, at least 30 minutes. If you’re a beginner, establish a minimal program ( if you don’t know the types of exercises, try and find specialized sites or take a personal trainer ).


Practice it once a week, after that raise the number of exercises. After another week, raise the intensity – do them with more energy. After another week, add a new exercise. And from the forth week, redo the cycle. And if you’ve ever felt that it’s too much, stop from adding and change something: the order of the exercises or even the exercises itself. That way, you’re going to create a program that will work for you.

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