Foot Care And Athletes

Foot Care And Athletes

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The most common cause of foot injury in athletes is abnormal motion and balance on the ground. Abnormal motion will affect functional biomechanics, leading to a less optimum performance for you as an athlete. Seeing Dr. Jones, a podiatrist in Chicago at the first sign of an injury would be beneficial to your health, well-being and performance.

Foot Care for Runners

For runners, foot health is especially important. There are 33 joints in your foot that work in harmony to help you maintain your position and posture. When you run, you are putting about three times your weight into your foot which is landing on concrete. You need to have the right stride, proper shoes and maybe even an orthotic to keep your feet in optimum shape. A podiatrist will give you a gait analysis with an in office diagnostic ultrasound and x-ray to keep you in marathon-ready shape. If you do require an orthotic, they are covered by most insurance companies and are usually custom made to give your foot the support it needs while engaging in physical activity.

If you are someone that runs often, an ankle brace might be helpful as well. When a brace is properly fitted, it allows both support to prevent injury and stability in the joints. An ankle brace also takes the pressure off of already injured joints and soft tissues. You can purchase an over the counter brace but getting a custom fit is recommended. Custom fitting allows the brace to be engineered for your condition with your exact mold.

Foot Care for Dancers

Dance medicine has become more specialized within sports medicine. An injury can potentially end a career, if not sideline it for a long period of time. There is a competitive nature with dancers as with all athletes that cause them to ignore or hide injuries, making it worse. Early treatment can lead to quicker recovery and less chance of creating other injuries. Some common injuries seen in dancers are stress fractures, tendonitis, ankle impingement, shin splints, ankle sprains, toenail injuries, blisters and painful callouses and corns. Your foot doctor will include other factors in the healing process such as nutrition, shoes and rehearsal intensity. Physical therapists and dance company managers can also be involved in the healing process.

Injury Prevention

No matter what sport you engage in, proper warm up techniques and paying attention to any pain is important in preventing injury. You must also practice proper training and increased activity in safe increments and use proper equipment and appropriate shoes. Physical therapy might also be an option to stay in shape and to prevent injury

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Do not ignore your foot or ankle pain and expect it to go away. Visit your Schaumburg podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment options.

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