Liposuction Surgery – Why Do Some People Die After a Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction Surgery – Why Do Some People Die After a Liposuction Surgery?

Just a few days ago a newspaper reported the death of a 45 year old women. She had a liposuction a few months ago in Spain for over $10,000. Now they investigate if there is a connection between this surgery and hear death. How big is the risk of dying really?

A surgery always carries many different risks, also the risk of death. Fatal liposuctions are possible but very rare. The risk factors are anesthesia and the fluids that are injected in the body during the surgery. The fluid can cause heart problems or kidney failure. If you are worried about these risks then a tumescent Liposuction is better for you because it only requires local anesthesia.

If the women in the news died because of her Liposuction or not is still unknown. The surgery was months ago. She had a bigger liposuction though. The price of over ten thousand Dollars for this surgery suggests that it was a bigger procedure.

The risk increases with the size of a surgery. The more fat is removed the more damage could be caused and the longer the time for recovery. Complications happen more often. Swelling is bigger, blood loss too. Blood loss and infection are the biggest risk factors. Maybe this women got an infection and left it untreated.

Another potential fatal damage could have been caused by an internal puncture. If the plastic surgeon pushes the cannula to hard into the body he could damage internal organs. Very unlikely but it is possible. However, the surgery was long ago and therefore this cause is hard to believe.

We are all worried about having a surgery, no matter if it is just for esthetic reasons or not. Every surgery can lead to unpleasant and unwanted results. If you want to have a big Liposuction then always choose a top surgeon with a lot of experience.

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