Pregnancy Weight Gain Charts

Pregnancy Weight Gain Charts

Health During Pregnancy - How Much Weight Should You Gain?

Author: Diane van der Byl

How much weight should I gain? This is a question asked probably by every expecting mother concerned about their health during pregnancy. For some reason it is something we focus on, comparing the size of our belly to those of women we know are due around a similar time. Our main concern quite likely is: Will I be able to lose the weight afterwards?

Just a few things on this first:

1. Do not set big expectations for yourself. Definitely do not try to lose weight or even diet to try to gain the minimum amount of weight. Enjoy your pregnancy and trust that your body will return to normal.

2. Do your best to exercise daily and eat healthy, nutritious meals. But if you have a bad day, do not be too harsh to yourself - self criticism only makes you depressed. Tomorrow is another day!

3. Take good care of yourself, resting where possible, dress up to make yourself feel good etc. Don't panic about your weight gain; instead use your energy to feel beautiful and sexy.

There are charts that indicate how much weight expectant mothers should gain. This will vary between women, depending on their weight prior to pregnancy. Working on a chart of height and weight, women are categorized into 'underweight,' 'average,' and 'overweight.Those who are underweight should gain more than average, and those who are overweight should gain less.

However, it is important to note, that these charts work on average figures, being just general guidelines. If you happen to have a different weight gain, it doesn't mean that something is wrong. If you are concerned, speak to your doctor. More than likely if they have concerns, they will bring it up with you!

Do not get too hung up on the figures! The most important thing is the precious life inside of you, so be active, eat healthy and do not let yourself get stressed. Remember, your weight gain is not all fat that will have to be worked off later. It is also baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, uterus enlargement, maternal breast tissue, maternal blood volume, body fluid and yes, some fat. Remember, though, that fat is stored up energy! Once your baby is born you will use this energy and if you continue to exercise and eat healthily, you will get your figure back!

But, don't expect your figure back overnight. Some women expect to be able to leave hospital wearing clothes they wore prior to falling pregnant, and when they can't, they get depressed. You will need to be patient and allow yourself time to lose the weight gained - as a general rule, the 9 months it took you to gain it.

Starting now, by looking after your health during pregnancy and eating right and being active - basically by being sensible and taking good care of yourself - you can ensure your weight loss after birth goes faster and is a much easier process.

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