Risks Associated with Laser Liposuction

Risks Associated with Laser Liposuction

No medical procedure, especially those which are surgical, is free from risks. This is true for laser liposuction as well. However, as compared to traditional liposuction, laser liposuction offers less or minimal risks and health threats. Laser liposuction also has some of the risks which are found in traditional liposuction. This includes the possibility of acquiring skin irregularities in terms of skin contour. Liquid may be retained under the skin; other risks include infection, blisters, scars and burns.

With the use of laser energy there is a possibility of fat necrosis or fat cell death. This is not very disturbing though. Another possible consequence after laser liposuction is unwanted results or unsatisfactory expectations. For instance, the amount of fat removed may have been too much or too little for you, or the skin improvement may not be what you initially expected. Hence, it is important that realistic expectations are set and risks and benefits are taken into account before undergoing laser liposuction.

Even though laser liposuction is an innovation in fat removal it has its critics. There are those who state that the procedure does not differ much from the traditional liposuction procedure but has a higher cost. There are also others who question the outcomes of laser liposuction, the skin tightening effects, and the recovery speed.

Hence, it is vital to consult your surgeon what is best for you and whether a liposuction is what you really need. A good surgeon should know what good aesthetics and good body contours look like. Brands may also play a certain role in laser liposuction and this is also something you can check with your doctor. Furthermore, you can gain better insight by consulting various cosmetic or plastic surgeons in this area and asking for their recommendations.

Some people who are not overweight or some people who are obese are all looking into laser surgery. There are some people who no matter how much exercising they do, they are simply unable to lose any weight. Some people can live on diets all their lives and still not lose that one extra pound. If you are overweight slightly or very obese, the use of laser surgery might be just the answer you have been looking for.

The areas of the body that are harder to lose weight in are the abdomen and the hips as well as the thigh area. If you are a woman, anything can affect your weight. You can have stress on your life which then increases the food intake which then adds on a few extra pounds, the existence of a pregnancy and then also just bearing added weight because of poor genes.

It might be of interest for you to check into laser liposuction as it can help to rid yourself of the added fluid on your body as well as the added fat that you might be carrying. You will first need to start a healthy diet program as well as an exercise regimen. Once you have done this, you will need to stick to this diet for the remainder of your diet and recovery period. After the laser liposuction procedure has been done, you will need to stay in your bed for several days to recover. You will be on high doses of pain killers and will find yourself tired. Your body will need you to rest in order to help it to heal.

Once a few days and weeks have passed, you will slowly be able to get back into your routine such as the things you can do daily. The first couple of weeks will be rough but once it’s over, the payoff in the end is well worth it.


Plastic surgery has grown to be as common as tonsillectomies or wart removal. It isn’t necessarily vanity that makes a person seek out plastic surgery. It is often a potent remedy for a critical situation.

A popular form of plastic surgery is lipoplasty or liposuction as it is more commonly known. It is a means of eliminating unwanted body fat. A bad stereotype about liposuction is the notion that all that happens is person being hooked up to some form of surgical vacuum cleaner that sucks out all the lard. New technology makes has made this form of surgery much more effective and less painful. Laser liposuction is rapidly taking the place of traditional procedures because of its rather appealing features. Traditional liposuction pulls and breaks the fatty tissue. Laser liposuction uses energy from laser beams to melt fatty tissue and then uses a cannula to remove the liquid. Traditional methods can bruise and hurt. Laser liposuction on the other hand is a far gentler means of eliminating fat and leaves fewer bruises. Traditional liposuction can result in sagging skin now depleted of fat. It doesn’t happen with laser lipoplasty and repairing sagging skin is rarely, if ever, needed.

Liposuction of course is not free, and costs range fifteen hundred dollars to seventy five hundred with some procedures less expensive than others. Interestingly, the cost of abdominal liposuction is more expensive than the process for removing unwanted fat from the buttocks area. Hips and thighs are also less costly when compared to other areas. Laser liposuction, by the way, is not as expensive as traditional liposuction because it takes less time and uses more efficient equipment. What makes laser lipoplasty even more cost efficient is that it requires far less anesthesia than traditional liposuction methods.

The fat modeling of liposuction can set a person free from a prison of fat. It can restore self-confidence a give a person the body shape he or she has always desired.

The cost of laser liposuction may depend on the body part or area you wish to have the procedure done, as well as the amount of fat you would like to get removed. It also varies depending on the hospital or the health care policy of the area. Some facilities may charge a higher rate than others depending on the quality of equipment they have, the type of instruments and materials used, and the fee for the health care professionals.

There are surgeons who charge differently according to the body part the procedure is to be performed on. There are those who follow a fixed flat rate for every area and offer discounts if other areas are treated as well. The cost of the procedure may also depend on the brand of the laser equipment used by laser liposuction surgeons or physicians. Some of the projected costs based on average and gathered from selected laser liposuction surgeons are as follows: Upper and lower abdomen ranges from $3000 to $5000; back fat in women may cost $2500 whereas $3000 in men; knees may cost $4000; buttocks may cost $3000; and $2500 for thighs, neck, jowls, chin, face or hips.

You may find out different costs of laser liposuction by consulting your surgeon or a laser liposuction doctor. You can also check with the health care facilities or hospitals in your area. You can find listings and directories online which list places that offer the procedure. When consulting a specialist you can ask about the treatment they recommend, as well as the typical cost and if there are any possible deals or special discounts which they can offer. Often projected cost estimates may be different and inaccurate so always be prepared and look for those who offer the safest and most secure medical proposals.

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