The vast majority of New Years

The vast majority of New Years

The vast majority of New Years resolutions deals with weight loss 2013 style, and unfortunately the vast majority of them fail to achieve much over the long run. Everyone is looking for the next big thing for losing weight, when most people should instead be looking for the smaller efforts for their Weight Loss in 2013. Being able to trim down many factors is better than cutting out one big factor, making certain crash diets ineffective due to their demands on diet. For those wondering what works:weight loss trends for 2013 look into both new types of dieting and fitness to burn away that spare tire in time for swimsuit season.

Change It Up

One of the big movers and shakers to come out of the fitness industry in recent years was the workout program p90x, in which every workout was different in order to keep your metabolism and body from becoming “used” to the exercise. Many weight loss trends for 2013 are building up this idea of keeping your body guessing in order to drop body fat. Fitness programs now emphasize never doing the same workout twice (or at least not doing it more than once per month) so that your muscles stay productive with the new exertions. Health scientists have jumped onto this trend, so those wondering what works:weight loss can be achieved with consistent changes.

Go Back In Time

Trimming carbs and counting points is so yesteryear. Instead of determining the specific content of your meals, a popular and fun Weight Loss 2013 routine stresses whether or not our ancestors could have eaten these meals. All-natural diets like the Paleo Diet take participants back in time, ten thousand years ago, long before the inventions of raisin bran and olive oil, to a diet that would not have looked out of the ordinary amongst cavemen. While you can still enjoy many of your favorite dishes, the Paleo diet does away with processed foods, claiming that you gain weight because your metabolism is unable to understand what it is being fed. The result is a natural solution for this question about what works:weight loss with ancestral diets allows you to only eat what hunter/gatherers could have expected to. What you can eat:

  • any type of meat or fish
  • any fruit or vegetable
  • nuts and seeds
  • oils
  • dairy
  • cereals and processed grains
  • any sugars or syrup foods

Weight Loss 2013 — Now Without Weights

A gym subscription can give you access to a multitude of machines and weights that benefit your fat burning odyssey. One of the newest weight loss trends for 2013, however, suggests ditching the iron in favor of gravity. Body-weight training answers the question of what works:weight loss exercise that only uses the resistance of your own body. This includes many workouts that most people are familiar with like yoga and pilates but can also include so-called “prison workouts”, requiring you to get in shape in only a three-by-three space to conserve range of motion. Though these require more time and effort than traditional weight training, they do not need a gym membership or a spotter.

Get On The Phone

Tracking your diet has never been easier thanks to the smart phone in your pocket. Managing your Weight Loss 2013 strategy is simple thanks to a bevy of apps that can be downloaded onto an iPhone or Android in order to record and monitor your consumption. This can be integrated into social media, so you can Tweet to nutritionists and dieticians or communicate your current meal plans with friends over Facebook. Since we spend so much time on our phones, why not go for what works:weight loss with a digital twist?

Get Back To Basics

Self-discipline is one of the most difficult part of anyone’s Weight Loss 2013 plan. Having someone else provide the discipline, as such, can go a long way to losing body fat. Fitness boot camps and military-style programs seek to reduce the love handles with tough love: exerting participants to go to new highs with strict admonishment and persuasion. Some participants say that this is what works:weight loss in a boot camp can burn over five hundred calories an hour, better than even the most intensive wrestling match.

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