What You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Next Treadmill.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Next Treadmill.

Weight Loss Workout Tips

Here''s a great article about exercise equipment which talks about all the ways that exercise helps you lose weight and get in shape fast. Basically, the healthier your diet and the more calories you burn by increasing your metabolism, the more weight you''ll lose. Of course, with some extra help from a real good workout on the right equipment, things will go even faster. Read on for more advice on finding the best exercise routine for you.

Everyone knows that buying a treadmill can be a costly investment. Many fitness experts around the net will tell you that a solid dependable treadmill will cost you somewhere around $1,000. But knowing exactly what to look for in a treadmill can save you hundreds of dollars. Here are some things to keep in mind:First off, treadmills far outsell all other home exercise equipment. Believe it or not, in a recent poll, treadmill consumers said that treadmills are much less likely to end up in next year''s garage sale for one simple reason-people use them.Lets explore why people exercise.

We need to exercise and many people would rather exercise at home. Exercising at home has many perks, especially in today''s hectic lifestyles. Studies have shown that people who have home fitness equipment are more likely to exercise consistently than those who have a gym membership or attend fitness classes. Why is this? At home, the machine is right there. It''s much easier to get in a quick 20-minute workout when it is convenient for you rather than getting in a car, getting stuck in traffic, waiting for a treadmill at the club, and then getting rushed to get off of that treadmill for the next person."Americans are exercising because they want a better quality of life.

TIP: As you can tell by reading this, there''s a lot of stuff to know when you''re deciding whether or not to use this approach. In the meantime, be careful choosing which foods you eat, determine how much fat is in a serving portion, and balance your body''s nutritional requirements so as to maximize fat reduction over total weight loss.

They have made a commitment to get healthy, but they want to do it on their own schedule", says Gregg Hardey, executive director of the Fitness Products Council, a trade association of more than 140 fitness equipment manufacturers.Before getting into knowing exactly what to look for in a treadmill. One of the main reasons people buy treadmills rather than other machines is because the movement required is something they already know how to do. "We''ve been walking and running ever since we were kids. If the exercise is something you are used to, you don''t have to think about it much", says Dr. Martin Hoffman, a professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

In a study, Dr. Hoffman found that this familiarity led people to exercise at a greater intensity on treadmills, compared with other machines. Study subjects burned up to 40 percent more calories on the treadmill than when they worked out on stair steppers, bicycles, or rowers at the same perceived effort.With all the treadmills on the market, you really have to be a savvy shopper. In part 2 we will discuss steps you must take to insure you are getting the best treadmill for your money.

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