What is laser liposuction

What is laser liposuction

Liposuction: A Closer Look

Have you recently read well written liposuction reviews and are now considering employing it for its body sculpture benefits? Or have you read these reviews and are now wondering if the procedure really is a safe one worth exploring?There are a great many myths surrounding the cosmetic procedure known as liposuction. This is unfortunate because there are those struggling with fat deposits detracting from their appearance that could potentially benefit from the procedure. Granted, the procedure is not for everyone but those considered a proper match and candidate for it might wish to discuss their options with a qualified physician.Questions that might arise during such a meeting could be what is laser liposuctionor what are common liposuction prices or is tumescent anesthesia safe? Questions such as this can greatly contribute to gaining the informed perspective required to make a better decision regarding whether or not this procedure is best for you.Such a discussion might go a long way towards eliminating a few of the common misconceptions about a very popular procedure. Actually, the word “procedure” is not completely accurate. More than one procedure exists which is a good thing since the more surgical options there are available to potential candidates then the great the odds of success become.

The Common Misconception About Liposuction

If there was a single, major misconception about liposuction it would be the notion it is a form of weight loss. This is most definitely not the case and quality liposuction reviews should be quick to point that out. In fact, when you undergo liposuction you probably will not see more than 5lbs of fat removed.

So, what exactly is the purpose of liposuction? Basically, the procedure is a form of body sculpture. That means when you undergo a liposuction procedure, fat is being removed from the body and your physique is completely re-contoured. This creates a totally new look to your appearance. It becomes decidedly leaner and more defined. The 5lbs that is removed will have a dramatic effect on your appearance. You won’t “lose” much weight but you definitely will gain a completely new appearance.

What are liposuction prices?

It is common for those wondering about having the procedure performed will also ask about the range of liposuction prices they may be required to cover. The answer to this question may depend upon the area of the body that the procedure is to be performed. A small amount of fat removal on the arms will cost less than removing fat from the stomach area. Also, the particular cosmetic surgeon you would be working with would factor into the cost. Experts in their field that are in high demand definitely will come with greater fees than lessor known surgeons. Generally, liposuction prices can range from $2,000 to $15,0000. The only way you can get an accurate estimate would be to discuss your specific procedure with a cosmetic surgeon.

The Different Types of Liposuction

When you read liposuction reviews, you will come across many different terms reflected the different types of procedures that are performed. You might find yourself asking what is laser liposuction but no clear answer is found in the review. A little research will reveal the answer to what is laser liposuction is it is a procedure that literally uses a laser beam to melt away the fat that has collected in a particular area of the body. For many people considering whether or not to undergo liposuction treatment, laser surgery could prove to be the procedure they are most inclined to have performed.

Questions may arise regarding the type of anesthesia is used. Tumescent anesthesia is popular and a closer understanding of it may help a potential patient make the proper decision regarding which procedure would be less stressful. Tumescent anesthesia is a local anesthesia method designed to reduce blood loss and also reduce the pain one may feel after the procedure. It can also potentially speed up recovery time immensely.

There are quite a number of other liposuction techniques a person can undergo. These techniques can include the wet technique which entails using 100ml of a local anesthesia, Ultrasonic liposuction which uses ultrasonic energy and heat to deal with subcutaneous fat, Power Assisted Lipo where an electric motor powers a liposuction device, and Cool Lipo which employs laser wavelengths to eliminate fat. There are many other liposuction techniques to consider and it is advised to determine the one that is best for your own personal needs after a careful consultation with a physician.

Celebrity Inspiration:

For those still on the proverbial bubble as to whether or not to seriously consider having a body sculpture procedure performed, simply looking over the roll call of famous celebrities that have had lipo done may be enough to spur inspiration.

Heidi Montag liposuction surgery
Heidi Montag celebrity liposuction surgery

Susan Sarandon, Heidi Montag, Halle Berry, and Britney Spears are among those that opted to have the procedure performed. Of course, there are scores of other celebrities over the years that have undergone liposuction as this is one of the more popular procedures in Hollywood.

Is liposuction surgery really for you? Only you can answer this question which is why it is advised to perform as much research into the process as possible. Once you gain a more informed perspective, you will be much better primed to make the right decision and take the steps to work with the right cosmetic surgeon if you so wish. If you have body or facial complaints read Dr. Simoni testimonials in Beverly Hills is always a great place to start.

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