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Summer Special Offer!

Individual sessions: £55
Course of 10 – £495 saving £55
Maintenance course of 5 - £245
(only available after completing course of 10)

Get the smooth silhouette you want for summer with revitalising Endermologie

We all have bits of our bodies that we’re not too keen on - bingo wings, untoned tums or a few extra pounds we’d like to shift. No matter what your shape, there’s one concern that’s pretty much universal - cellulite. Orange peel, lumps and bumps, uneven skin: whatever yours looks like, you’re almost certain to have some as up to 90% of women are estimated to suffer from it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it!

There are tons of lotions and potions on the market that claim to magic your cellulite away but the truth is, something as superficial as a cream can never have a real effect on something below the skin, like cellulite. One of the reasons that cellulite creams continue to sell despite their poor performance is that people don’t really understand what cellulite is and how we get it. Let the experts at Viva give you the inside scoop:

The dimpling that we all hate is caused by a cell in the top or subcutaneous layer of fat becoming overfilled with fluid or fat, making the cell walls on either side of it pull down (think of pushing down on both ends of a balloon). This swelling can have a number of causes including weight gain, unhealthy diet/lifestyle or weak skin and is not purely the result of toxins being in the body.

The best way to reduce cellulite’s appearance is to strengthen the skin and increase lymphatic drainage throughout the body, reducing dimpling and puffiness. Probably the most well tested and well respected way to do this is with Endermologie. The only FDA-approved cellulite treatment, Endermologie has been refining women’s shapes the world over for decades.

The easiest way to describe Endermologie is as mechanical massage: rollers attached to a specialised machine are passed over the body by a specially trained technician. The different programmes offered by the machine help to smooth, strengthen skin and improve lymphatic drainage. Viva has the new, medical grade model – brand new to the market, it is the latest and most effective version of this popular treatment.

As lymphatic drainage will increase across the whole body, some women find that they notice improvements in puffiness and a slimming effect across the whole body as well as in the problem areas.

Completely safe for all skin types, Endermologie offers a relaxing way to safely reduce cellulite.

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