4 Of The Most Common Indoor Air Contaminants

4 Of The Most Common Indoor Air Contaminants

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Many people don''t realize it, but the indoor air in their homes and workplaces can be quite poor in quality. There are a lot of pollutants that can be very harmful to human health that are found in abundance in the indoor spaces where you work, play and sleep. Being aware of what these contaminants are can help you figure out which ones are in your home or office and you can then take the necessary steps to clean out the air as much as possible in order to improve its quality and your health as well. Continue reading below for a list of four of the most common indoor air contaminants.

Second-hand Smoke

Second-hand smoke can be just as detrimental to human health as firsthand smoke, so even if you don''t smoke, try to avoid being in the vicinity of other smokers. If you run your own business, make it a non-smoking environment so that you can safeguard the health of all of your employees as well as anyone else who enters your workplace. And never allow smoking to occur in your home, especially if you have children and pets. Second-hand smoke from cigars, pipes and cigarettes can lead to a variety of health ailments, but it primarily targets the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Organic Chemicals

Organic chemicals can range from those used to dry-clean clothing to those found in paints, aerosol sprays, cleaning products, air fresheners and glues. There really is no way to completely eliminate these pollutants from your home because they can leach out from your furniture, carpets and paint as the years go by. The best thing that you can do is eliminate the use of chemical-based cleaning products and purchase Earth-friendly, natural products instead. Avoid the use of synthetic fragrances wherever possible as well. These chemicals can cause a variety of health problems, including irritation to the nose, throat and eyes, as well as certain cancers, organ toxicity and more.


Asbestos is commonly found in older homes and places of business. It is extremely dangerous to inhale any fibres that have come loose and you need to call in professionals who know how to properly remove the asbestos from your property. Exposure to this toxin can lead to lung cancer, mesothelioma and other respiratory ailments. Have your home or office inspected for asbestos and get rid of it if necessary.

Biological Agents

Biological agents include dust mites, animal dander, fungus, bacteria and mildew. While many people have strong immune systems that combat these irritants, some do come down with allergic reactions and respiratory problems or other irritations of the nose, eyes and throat. If you are susceptible to these problems, make sure you clean regularly and allow your home to get adequate amounts of airflow by opening up your windows.

Understanding what the most common types of indoor air pollutants are can help you combat them. This will ensure the health of your family and the health of your employees if you own your own business.

The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Pharon Holdings, a leading provider of machinery cleaning in Brisbane. Nancy is an adrenaline junkie and loves surfing. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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