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Sometimes life can locate us off guard, either for good or worse. Julie Ragland (right, in a photo) can attest to this truth. Her tour by weight benefit and weight detriment were not in her strange life plans, yet she’s managed to give this story a happy ending. With many certain changes given open 2011, Julie has left from vexed and weighing 243 pounds to being a spirited, happy lady who weighs 189 pounds. She says she’s not finished losing weight (with 25 some-more pounds to go), yet her weight detriment to date has given her behind most that she lost.

Julie admits that life was good heading adult to 2008. Weight was not an emanate for her, she had been an contestant personification soccer, volleyball, tennis, and was also a cheerleader. However, this all altered when her family was impressed with many tragedies. Julie admits to descending into a basin that came with “a outrageous weight gain.” This weight benefit manifested in struggles by many areas of her life.

Julie told us, “I struggled with my body image and a approach that we suspicion that others viewed me given of my weight. we didn’t hang out with friends most given we was ashamed of my weight benefit and we suspicion we was being judged.”

Julie stopped selling for garments given it usually fueled her depression. She pronounced she’d usually buy boots or purses, yet never clothes. However, it was a garments that caused Julie to see things differently.

“My Ah-ha Moment came when my distance 18 jeans started removing parsimonious on me and we REFUSED to put a 2 in a front of my size!”

Julie was encouraged by her immature godson, husband, and step-daughter given she wanted to spend some-more time with them while being active together. She also wanted to be around to see her step-daughter travel down a aisle one day and be means to watch her godson grow up. These were all critical things Julie didn’t feel were probable if she remained overweight. She knew it was time to make a change.

Julie’s initial step toward change was attending a boot stay aptness class that a few of her acquaintances had left to. This wasn’t an easy choice for Julie, as she said, “I was shocked that we wasn’t going to be means to keep up, that we was going to demeanour like a fool, or that we was going to fail, yet we positively had to do something.”

That initial foot stay was in Jun 2011 and she’s been going ever since. While Julie did try other classes and regimens, she found this was a best fit for her. The category also enclosed an eating burden journal, weigh-ins, and a joining to attend a certain volume of workouts a week.

“I unequivocally need to be accountable to someone else for what we am eating and how I’ve finished with my diet devise via a week,” she told us.

Julie has been accountable to this category for some-more than a year, and with a endorsed purify diet, suitable H2O consumption, and examination routine, Julie has worked tough to remove 54 pounds!

After Julie strike a 30 pounds mislaid miracle in early 2012 she combined another category to her regimen. She now also attends Hip Hop Fitness (HHF). This fun dance category was designed to foster weight detriment while dancing and carrying fun. “I started HHF in Feb 2012 and we strongly trust that it helped me get over a plateau. I’d plateaued during 30 pounds during a commencement of a year and HHF helped me mangle it.” Those plateaus are all too common in weight detriment efforts, yet Julie did a right thing by blending things adult and adding something new to her routine.

“My life is most improved now that I’ve mislaid weight and have gotten some-more active,” pronounced Julie. “I spend time with my family and still do Boot Camp and HHF. we have a some-more certain physique picture and am some-more gentle in my skin. we like to emporium for garments and feel like I’ve truly done a certain change.”

Julie skeleton to continue foot stay and HHF given she enjoys a village she’s found in those classes. Julie’s subsequent large idea is running her initial 5K this spring. “[I] demeanour brazen to pulling myself to new heights.”

Julie has given a good finale to this story. Even yet she admits a tour wasn’t always easy, she never gave up.

“I satisfied that it truly is a tour and when we deposit in yourself it creates it all worthwhile.”

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September 28th, 2012

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