Atrophic Vaginitis – Overview

Atrophic Vaginitis – Overview

The women go many changes after menopause. It is one of the most common changes, a so-called atrophic vaginitis. It seems a very serious disease, is a condition that can be easily treated once it is diagnosed.
Atrophic vaginitis, decreased estrogen levels after menopause is caused. This lack of estrogen thinner and shrinks the tissue of the vagina, so the vagina to become inflamed. The vagina also has manufacturing lubrication difficulties, resulting in vaginal dryness.
The symptoms of atrophic vaginitis are spotting, pain during intercourse light bleeding after intercourse, a painful or burning sensation in the vaginal area, and a burning sensation when urinating. All these symptoms can be very uncomfortable everyday life, but can be treated by your doctor.
To diagnose atrophic vagnitis, your doctor will perform a routine pelvic exam. During this test, the doctor will look pale, thin vaginal walls when not atrophic vaginitis. At this point, your doctor may also test for wet mount to eliminate all other causes of vaginitis. Your doctor may also cause hormonal studies, is not sure who enter menopause.
One of the most common treatments for atrophic vaginitits is an estrogen replacement therapy. However, recent studies show a link between hormone therapy with various types of cancer have shown. A woman needs to discuss whether they should begin hormone replacement therapy with their doctors. Hormone through a patch pill or cream that can be delivered directly applied to the vagina. Your doctor may also recommend a personal lubricant to treat vaginal dryness.
If you have atrophic vaginitis, which are more likely to develop vaginal infections caused by bacteria or fungi. Your doctor will tell you the steps you can take to reduce the risk of vaginal infection. Women with atrophic vaginitis develop painful open sores or cracks in the vaginal wall. If you think you have developed these wounds, make an appointment to see your doctor.
Once your doctor correctly diagnosed with atrophic vaginitis, treatment can begin immediately. Women who have been treated report that its relief is almost immediate. If you think you have atrophic vaginitis, an appointment to see your doctor so you can discuss your concerns with a doctor.

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