Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Successes and Testimonials

I felt very comfortable talking with Melissa, as she was consistently kind, positive, and supportive throughout our coaching partnership. She helped me to reach my goal of beginning and sustaining a daily walking practice! Melissa''s flexibility and non attachment to what form the coaching sessions should take, really set me free and provided a nice foundation for our coaching. I always felt completely supported and accepted by Melissa and no matter how "far off of topic" I got, she stayed right with me. I see her as being a naturally caring, curious, intuitive and gentle you can imagine, these same qualities make her an excellent coach. Coaching with her helped me to move forward in key areas of my life and for that I''m so grateful!

Tessa Foris

Melissa’s warm style provided an immediate base of trust and openness, so I could say what I needed to say. There was no judgment and often she shared experiences that provided me with another perspective and opportunity. Her voice has a calm even tone that adds benefit to the environment of coaching over the phone. Melissa provides an immediate environment for the client to feel comfortable and hear in her voice a calm presence that sets the tone for a successful relationship.


My primary area of focus in working with Melissa has been maintaining focus on what is in my heart. After 3 months of coaching with her, I feel that I am really getting grounded in that focus. Remembering my base of confidence is becoming more natural and I do not have to fight as hard to be powerful. I appreciate being able to share openly and honestly with Melissa. She offers support as well as alternative perspectives when needed. She is real, present, and engaged.

Morgan, Portland, OR

Melissa has been a wonderful coach for me. She is totally engaged, a great listener, asks powerful questions, and always gets me thinking more deeply. In her gentle way, she challenges me, stretches me and really gets me to reflect and act upon my learnings and discoveries. She has great intuition and so often "nails it on the head". I often find myself saying to her "great question", which means Melissa is being a great coach. I totally recommend hiring Melissa as your coach.

Kim Clausen

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