Effectiveness Of Known Treatments For Retarded Ejaculation

Effectiveness Of Known Treatments For Retarded Ejaculation

At present, retarded ejaculation is deemed to be the third frequently experienced sexual incompetence in men. Following the two other most common sexual incompetence in men, the erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation is another sexual incompetence in men that entails having a delay in ejaculating and is somewhat difficult to treat.
As a matter of fact, only 58% of the total male population are able to answer positively when their condition of retarded ejaculation is treated.

And while the men’s partners would not like their men ejaculating uncontrollably, they would not also want their men to have a prolonged ejaculation as well. Because otherwise, they would not have the pleasure anymore of reaching orgasm because they get fed up with their partner’s eternal climax; and worse, all they get is a sore vagina. And definitely, such condition of retarded ejaculation becomes an even more challenge to any man putting up with it. And to make things worse, there are no known drugs available that can cure such a condition but only some counseling therapy as well as some behavioral treatments to manage the incompetence.

Desensitization Exercises

And more often than not, men suffering from retarded ejaculation are advised to follow a few recommended progressive desensitization exercises. Such therapy procedure involves giving out instructions to men who may wish to improve his skills in ejaculating right in front of his partner, then gradually nearer to her, until eventually ejaculating outside the vagina; and finally, developing the flair for ejaculating exactly inside the woman’s vagina.

Sensate Focus Procedure

Another approach ordinarily used for managing or treating this serious condition of retarded ejaculation is the known course of action called the “sensate focus”. It is in fact, a treatment method linking the couple to a sequence of stages to enhance to eliminate and cure the man’s retarded ejaculation condition. And such process begins with the partners caressing and touching.

And then sooner or later, they move to another step which is known as the “mutual masturbation” where couples, after such masturbating together, will be ready to perform the actual intercourse, also known as the penetrative sex. And to get the maximum results for such treatment therapies, make sure to follow the instructions and steps pf each treatment method.

Counseling Therapy

And while there is no known cure yet for this condition, couples may just have to settle for counseling therapy for the meantime. That way, he restores his capability to ejaculate inside the woman with such ease.

Other Unproven Treatments

And most importantly, while there are other suggested therapy hormones or the so-called Chinese herbal remedies for treating delayed ejaculation, you should also beware of such claims as they are not approved by the FDA and they are not at all proven to produce any significant effect on treating delayed ejaculation in men.

And most of all, it is essential to let go of the worries controlling a man’s life. Definitely, you may also attribute the condition of retarded ejaculation to the strict upbringing of these men when they were still with their parents; which most often than not, influence their sexual performance with their partners.

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