Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Best Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Best Food Dehydrator

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Getting to Know One of the Best Food Dehydrator

Looking for the best Food Dehydrators around? You might want to consider Excalibur 3900 Deluxe food dehydrator that allows a large (or medium sized) family to dry the foods efficiently and evenly. It is proud of its patented Parallel airflow system (on rear horizontal) which allows the foods to utterly and evenly dry on all trays, retain much of the needed nutrients, and give better appearance and taste.

It provides better dehydration because it can push out moist more efficiently with the help of the warm air emanating from the rear part of the machine. Because of the horizontal drying process, you don’t need to rotate the trays. It offers convenience without sacrificing anything in return.

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Product Features

If you are wondering why Excalibur 3900 food dehydrator is being considered one of the finest Food Dehydrator, then the following features will tell you:

- It comes in 9-tray dehydrator that measures 15 square feet – enough to give efficient service to medium and large families who just can’t get enough of beef jerkies.

- It has an adjustable thermostat (95°F to 155°F) and built-in on and off switch.

- Temperature controls are accurate – dependable enough to dry vegetables, meats, fruits, herbs, flowers, treats for pets, and for arts and crafts.

- It can dehydrate faster and holds more food in its trays.

- Some trays can be removed for drying bulky items.

- It has a 7-inch fan.

- It has 10-year limited warranty.

- Dimension: 12.5 x 19 x 17 inches, and weighs 22 pounds (shipping weight is 25 pounds).


Excalibur 3900 Deluxe food dehydrator is very efficient due to its patented horizontal airflow that allows the user to preserve foods effectively without sacrificing the nutrients and appearance. Food tastes great and you are certain that it is packed with all the nutrients that your body needs.

It is easy to use and clean plus food preparation is a breeze. Anyone would be able to dehydrate their food without fuss – simply slice and put them on the tray. It will only take a fraction of time to clean the used trays after using the machine.

No one can deny that the design of the tray is well thought of. The trays have mesh lining that enables the user to place sliced, chopped, or diced foods. The trays are big enough to accommodate all the foods that you need to dry.

You can dry different foods (same kind on the same tray) to dry at the same time without any worries of having mixed flavor, but make sure that you have only one kind of food to dry on a particular tray.

It is economical because you can dry as many as you want in a single run. Imagine the cost of your electricity if you need to dry one tray of food at a time – the nine trays of Excalibur 3900 Deluxe dehydrator make it possible to save some money from your electric bill.

Above all else, the thing that makes the Excalibur 3900 one of the best Food Dehydrator is the price. It is unbelievably cheap for the things it can offer – truly worth of your time and money.


Excalibur 3900 has also its share of disadvantages (but nothing major) like noisy fan, it is big, and timer is not always included.

The fan is quite noisy and the owner should place it somewhere far from hearing distance to avoid being disturbed. If you are not particular about noisy surroundings (especially if you have kids at home) then the noisy fan is not really a problem.

Although being big is one of its best assets, it can also be a drawback. You need to find a space in your kitchen where you can fit the “mammoth” machine (since most kitchen appliances are relatively small). Cleaning is a breeze but not if you have very small sink or if it won’t fit in your sink.

Other models might not come with a timer, so you just need to check and see if the model has one or you can always buy a separate timer to make it convenient.

What People Say

All in all people say that they love their Excalibur 3900 because of its wonderful features. The big machine can fulfill their needs without delay and the whole preparation is less expensive than most Food Dehydrator not to mention the cheap price of the mean machine.

The machine is also very versatile and can make crackers, fruit roll ups, yogurt, bread, and all kinds of dried fruit, vegetables, and so much more.

Proud owners say that the Excalibur 3900 has a lot of advantage as compared to the round tower-type food dehydrator with flimsy trays that crack easily. The round one has trays with big holes that are not suitable for drying herbs and diced foods. If you need to get things done, you need to use mesh inserts in order to make sure that everything stays intact. The Excalibur 3900 can easily accomplish and deliver the needed result that’s why more and more people rely on it than the other Food Dehydrator.

Most owners complain about the noisy fan at the beginning but they got used to it later on (perhaps due to frequent use).
The Verdict

Simply put, Excalibur 3900 Deluxe food dehydrator is truly one of the best Food Dehydrator that you will encounter in your lifetime, Period.

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