Pregnancy Diet Plan Second Trimester

Pregnancy Diet Plan Second Trimester

Understanding the Different Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a puzzling time for the newly expectant dad. As your spouse experiences a hormonal rollercoaster, her body is likely to undergo some very surprising changes.

You will probably have heard the obstetrician refer to the term 'trimester'. The nine months of pregnancy are divided into three trimesters. These mark important stages in the development of the fetus. Knowing about the trimesters will help you to understand your baby's development better and also serve to demystify pregnancy for you.

First Trimester

The baby: This stage of pregnancy is marked by the speedy development of your baby. The first twelve weeks will see your baby grow to about three inches and have many of its organs already functioning - a lot when you consider that it all began with the fusion of two cells at the time of conception.

The mom: The frenzied discharge of hormones during the early months of pregnancy may be difficult for your spouse to handle. Nausea and an aversion to food items may be present. She will also complain of fatigue during this stage of pregnancy, as the growing baby makes its demands felt on her body. A healthy diet and a multivitamin prescribed by her obstetrician may help her cope with this.

Second Trimester

The baby: Your baby will continue to grow and develop normal functions. In fact, through these three months, your baby will grow to weigh two and a half to three pounds and measure fourteen inches. By the end of this trimester your baby, if it is born prematurely, will have matured enough to stand a good chance of surviving with appropriate medical care.

The mom: Your spouse's belly will expand to accommodate the baby's rapid growth. Thankfully, the distress caused by hormonal changes, such as nausea, will now start subsiding and allow her to enjoy the stages of pregnancy.

Third Trimester

The baby: During this last stage of pregnancy, the baby's organs will become ready to support the baby once it is out of the womb. The baby will grow to weigh around seven pounds and measure twenty inches by the time it is born.

The mom: Carrying the extra weight will be uncomfortable as your spouse may find it difficult to move around. Swelling on the hands and feet are common symptoms during the third pregnancy trimester.

The third trimester of pregnancy culminates in labor, which marks the beginning of the process of childbirth. Here are some commonly accepted natural labor inducer.

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