Why Gourmet Dog Food Is Bad for Your Dog

Why Gourmet Dog Food Is Bad for Your Dog

When you buy gourmet dog food, you feel as if you are doing something special for your pet. You are also making a statement about who you are and the type of quality that you require in everything you buy. But, the truth is that gourmet or high-end dog food is really no better than mass-produced store brands, and it has the same types of toxins and poisons in it that has been bringing early death to our pets for decades. And, the pet food manufacturers go out of their way to hide the truth from us.

Gourmet dog food, and Natural Dog Food may be made from more exotic ingredients, and usually claims to have fewer additives, but all commercial dog foods have more additives and toxins than you could possibly imagine. If this food were produced for humans, it would never be allowed on the shelf. Is that what you want your beloved dog to be eating.

When I found out the secrets about what was going into dog food (as well as what was being omitted), I threw out all my dog food – both canned and dry – and decided to find another answer. My dog deserved better than what I was feeding him, and if it wasn’t good enough for me, then it wasn’t good enough for him, either!

We have all been told for years that gourmet dog food is the healthiest way to feed your dog, but we are now learning the truth. The book, “Dog Food Secrets”, uncovers some of the most horrific secrets that the dog food industry has kept from us, ones that take years off the life of man’s best friend. The toxins and poisons that are in even some of the most expensive gourmet dog food brands are enough to shorten your dog’s life by as much as ten years.

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