Breast Enhancement and Augmentation Procedures

Breast Enhancement and Augmentation Procedures

Multiple reasons may induce a woman to have a breast augmentation. Some will be motivated by considerations of the overall symmetry of their bodies, others might feel that currently their breasts are too small or that they present a form or shape they do not like. Any of these may be a reason to start thinking about the procedure. Also a lack of confidence in themselves often plays an important role. Just like being unhappy with one''s nose, not being happy with one''s breasts can do much harm to a person''s self image. In many cases those that recovered from breast cancer have breast augmentation, because during the treatment of their illness they had tissue removed. A woman may decide to undergo an augmentation for a great many different reasons. In general though, the results are highly positive and have a great benefit both for the psychological health and the physical appearance of the patient.

When a woman is first considering breast augmentation, careful thought should be given to what shape the woman wants her breast to be. Today, implants are offered in many different shapes, which allows the woman to choose a more natural look if that is what is wanted. To allow for more natural looking breasts, cost has increased, but the higher price is well worth the outcome.

Women considering breast augmentation should be aware different incision sites. There is the incision made where the breast meets the lower chest, which will leave a small scar that will be hidden. There is the incision made where the areola meets the skin of the breast. In this one, the implant will be inserted into a pocket. The last choice is a bit more work for the surgeon. It will be located in the armpit, which is further than where the implant will be stationed.

Considering what the breasts will loook like after the surgery is extremely importat and must be considered by the patient. What is the desired effect, a curvey shape, or a steamlined look? Honesty with herself and the doctor is a must in order to get the desired results.

When you choose implants, consulting a plastic surgeon can give you invaluable advice. You must keep in mind that the same implants will not look the same on someone else.

There are many qualified and skilled surgeons in the United States for women to consult with about breast augmentation. Women considering the procedure should reasearch and ask questions to find the right surgeon to use.

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