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Phytotherapy Through The Glass of Illusions

It is common knowledge "phytotherapy" (from Greek "phyton" plant and "therapy" treatment) is treatment by means of herbs. By the 19th century phytotherapy had remained the major treating method and herbs were nearly the only source of medications. However, the 19th century brought changes into the use of herbs. The preference was given to herbal extracts and separate substances. Plants lost their uniqueness and became the source of some individual substances. The chemists elaborated the methods of synthesizing the biological substances and began the epoch of synthetic medications. And the herbs lost their popularity for a while. Easy use, rapid effect, influence on human organism, prognosed and regulated by precise dosing led to total, uncontrolled and very often unjustified use of the synthetic medications. It later resulted in spread of chemical diseases, allergies. But constant search for sparing, "mild" treating methods conditioned the return to phytotherapy by the end of the 20th century. Nevertheless, it doesn''t mean that herbs are absolutely safe. Careless attitude to herbs can result in the harm, caused by chemical medications. It is just a qualified specialist who is supposed to make a correct diagnosis and work out the treating tactics.

In our practice we often come across a number of curious and dramatic cases concerning people''s wrong ideas about herbs and their healing qualities.

One of the myths is that herbs cannot cause any harm. In one of our medical cases the woman had been experiencing a consistent cough and just cicatrized duodenum ulcer with high acidity. Her friend advised her to drink some thyme tea as it helped her when she had cough. The first lady followed her advice and very soon she felt heartburn and discomfort in the stomach. Thyme turned out to provoke the acute condition of duodenum ulcer.

Sometimes the sick people who have given way to despair due to the ineffective treatment are offered one miraculous herb and assured of its effect. We are constantly asked: "Have you this "all-curing herb?" And they tell about numerous unique qualities of this herb.

Once the female patient was brought to us. The disease had too far gone and she felt too badly. We were much surprised having learnt that she called us two months ago, but did not come to see us. Her condition was relatively satisfactory that time. As it turned out she was advised to take "herb for cancer" and assured that it would definitely help. Unfortunately, she just lost time and when we had seen her – we realized how hopeless her condition was.

Every herb is unique and can be used in many cases. However, to provide necessary help one herb is not enough. If in the nature there were some herbs which could cure all diseases, they could be cultivated in gardens. Unfortunately, such herbs are advertised only in the commercials. But in the real life only wild herbs possess healing qualities. And the primary importance is given to the fact that they grow in different soils and the number of active substances in them directly depends upon it.

There are number of people who consider that herbal treatment is possible without any primarily medical examination. Once we had a young male with rash on the face and he attended toilet once during five days. There were no other complaints. During medical examination we found a suspicious protuberance on the left side of his waist. That protuberance seemed to be the major reason of his complaints. He was sent by us for a more thorough oncological examination. The examination confirmed that the protuberance was sarcoma. The operation ended with the extraction of three ribs, spleen and part of intestines. But it was too late. Later the relatives reported that the patient had had some treatment in phytotherapeutic centres during half a year before he came to us. Without any primarily proper examination he was performed the massage of the tumour and prescribed herbal medications.

Sometimes doctors are too categorical to claim that the effect of herbs is much slower than that of the synthetic medications. That is not right. In our practice we had many cases of rapid and effective help for many diseases. Once we had a mother with a three-year-old daughter. The girl had quinsy three times during half of the year. That time she had fever about 39C. The taken antibiotics did not any good, moreover they disturbed the digestive system. Our treatment brought down the temperature and normalized the intestines activity on the third day.

For some people such results of herbs application are quite unexpected and even stunning. There is even saying about our technique: "Mole goes off with ointment, no scar follows it." But in many cases a serious and pragmatic approach to the choice of adequate treating scheme considering individual peculiarities of the organism lies in the background of treatment.

For example, one doctor brought his wife to us. It was the third month of her pregnancy. She had two miscarriages before it. Suddenly she experienced an acute condition of pielonephritis, the synthetic medications could cause another miscarriage or do harm to a future baby. The spouses were anxious since they knew that some herbs are not recommended during pregnancy. However, a well-planned and individually prepared treating scheme allowed us to preserve the pregnancy and solve the problem with health. Moreover, our treatment had not only any side effects, but it also heightened hemoglobin in the mother.

Our present article touches just upon some illusions we deal with in our practice. Phytotherapy, as the most ancient methods of treatment with herbs, carries from the old times an immense experience of relations between the man and the nature. And for us, modern people, it is very significant to know what is applicable and useful and what is delusion.

Lyudmila Polyakova

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