Losing Weight Without Going Crazy

Losing Weight Without Going Crazy

How To Remain Mildly Sane In The Face Of Weight Loss

(Assuming you were sane to begin {I know, huge assumption})

Diet = Stress = Weight Gain, Not Weight Loss

I see it all the time from noobs. They go on a diet hoping to lose some well earned fat, but they are so used to cramming their face with butterfat creamies, that the thought of eating a stick of celery makes them have a meltdown.

The diet meltdown usually leads to binging and the stress from not getting their pretty little way produces corsitol which ends up burning poor wittle butterfly’s muscle mass, further damaging their metabolism and hampering their weight loss.

Being Feeble Minded Will Result In Weight Loss Failure (Among Other Things)

If you’re so precious that missing a few tasty treats from your regular consumption, sends you in to a panic spiral, then you probably are going to struggle in life in general. Sure it’s not your fault you’re lame, it’s probably your parents didn’t love you, but there is hope.

Toughen up.

There, that’s your first free lesson on how to be a normal person.

Dieting takes 10 times the resolve that overeating did to get you overweight in the first place, but if you stress about it, you’ll lose muscle which is the very thing that helps burn off fat in the first place.

Toughen up.

I’m just using reinforcement, but also mentally weak people offend me.

Find Your Happy Place In Dieting

Frankly, there are so many decent diet foods and good recipes for weight loss, that everyone can find something good to eat when trying to lose weight.

Some people are just too lazy to go to the cupboard and spend five minutes making something healthy. 1 minute microwave mac ‘n’ cheese is just too tempting. Some people can’t be helped.

But if you take some time to look online, you’ll find satisfying meals and you’ll get better nutrition than deep fried butterfat creamies.

Millions of mentally tough people take on weight loss everyday, the only question you have to ask yourself is are you tough enough to do what it takes to get off your ass and do what millions have no problem doing or are you going to make excuses like you have to cut your toenails and the bright light hurts your eyes?

It’s okay precious, the ensuing Zombie Apocalypse with thin out your ranks.

Just sayin’

Millions of mentally strong people

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