Mr. X Acne Says... You Can Cure Your Acne!

Mr. X Acne Says... You Can Cure Your Acne!

is a propsed permanent solution to acne offered by "Mr. X Acne" (a presumed pen name for the author). The Mr. X Acne website claims that just about anyone can clear up their acne in a very short time using the natural cure detailed in his guide.

The primary benefits as stated by Mr. X Acne are that the cure is very inexpensive and easy to perform, taking as little as 30 seconds a day to maintain long lasting acne relief. The website argues that by purchasing the guide, its customers will actually save a lot of money by not having to spend any more on special acne treatments, soaps, and creams.

Not much is revealed about the author, but he does reveal that he himself suffered from a chronic acne condition since the age of 12. He also provides his personal email address, a 56 money back guarantee, and personal assistance to his customers.


A 4.5 Star rating indicates that customer feedback for this product tends to be extremely positive. Complaints, if any, are minor or have been addressed by the product creator.

"I''ve found that "Mr X Acne Says..." works. I haven''t needed to try anything else since, my skin remains clear so I say it works as promised."
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"Although he is not as famous as the man who wrote "Acne Free in 3 Days", Mr. X Acne does a better job in how to get rid of acne."
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"I got...a excellent ebook called Mr X acne says..."
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Our Research on Mr. X Acne Says... You Can Cure Your Acne! Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), Mr. X Acne Says... is an effective solution for curing acne naturally and quickly.

Even customers who were disatisfied with other natural remedies seemed to admit that Mr. X Acne did work as stated. The most popular thing about it seems to be the relatively easy process that the guide describes.

Some people seemed put off by the product''s sales page, some even guessing that it would be a scam. But actual customers who tried the remedy usually assured them that Mr. X Acne is legitimate.


Based on customer research and feedback, the Mr. X Acne Says... remedy does work as stated. Very few, if any problems were uncovered in the research conducted for this review.

Company/Author Info:

Mr. X Acne is the author of Mr. X Acne Says. The domain name ( was registered in April 2007.

For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Information:

Contents: 62 pages in the guide. Some of the contents include the featured "secret" cure for acne, a test to figure out what type of acne you have, and things you can do to keep the acne away for good once it''s gone.

Distribution: Product is distributed digitally via instant download. To purchase, simply visit the website here and find the purchase link near the bottom of the page.

Price: $37.97
Return Policy: 56 Day Money-Back Guarantee


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