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Nourishing our children « Primal Health

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Imagine a child raised according to the nutritional wisdom of our ancestors. This child grows up free of the common ailments and diseases that we currently take for granted. This child’s strong, white teeth grow straight — and free of tooth decay. This child’s face is broad and well formed. This child is attentive and engaged, and can learn easily and readily because of optimal brain development. This child is energetic by day and sleeps soundly at night. This child is sturdy but not overweight. This child has a strong immune system, does not experience childhood illnesses or allergies, and has a stable, cheerful and optimistic disposition.

Not realistic? Yet we know such good health is possible because Weston A. Price documented and photographed whole villages throughout the world where this was a reality generation after generation! The photographs Price took, the descriptions of what he found and his startling conclusions are preserved in a book considered a masterpiece by many nutrition researchers who followed in Price’s footsteps. His book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration documents the foods that allow people of every race and every climate to experience their birthright — radiant health and wholeness. Yet this compendium of ancestral wisdom is all but unknown to today’s medical community and modern parents.

The first steps to nourishing our children….

1. eliminate all industrially processed soy foods from your home.

- soy is not a health food.

2. replace sugar with natural sweeteners in moderation, such as raw local honey.

3. replace fruit juices and sodas with water or whole raw milk (if you think your child is not sensitive to dairy foods).

- fruit juice is no more than sugared water.

4. replace poly-unsaturated vegetable oils and trans-fats with traditional fats such as butter, olive oil, coconut oil etc.

5. replace breakfast cereals with eggs from hens on pasture, non-nitrate bacon, homemade kefir, whole milk yogurt.

6. replace pasteurized dairy products with raw and cultured dairy (if you don’t have dairy sensitivity).

7. replace processed, convenience foods (boxed, packaged, prepared and canned) with fresh, organic, whole foods.

8. take a daily dose of high vitamin cod liver oil (with no synthetics added). We can recommend a natural brand – don’t buy from a pharmacy or a shopping centre vitamin shop – they are synthetic.

9. buy a copy of Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions cookbook.

10. read more

Changing lifestyle can be a challenge. For more information on how to implement these changes into your family’s life or to explain any of the advice above, contact us for a free first consultation. We provide practical realistic coaching services based on our own experiences.

Download recipes for healthy snacks: Nourishing Traditions Snacks

Thank you, Daniel, for publishing our First Steps Guide!

It is also available as a download:

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