Should smokers pay more to finance health insurance?

Should smokers pay more to finance health insurance?


Raise health

Herald and News - Measure 50 on the Nov. 6 ballot would raise the price of cigarettes 84.5 cents a pack to finance health care for children and low-income adults. Is it fair? According to the Measure 50 explanatory statement in the Voters Pamphlet, most of the extra ... (more...)

Community Spotlight

Everett Herald - Respiratory care practitioners and other health professionals plan to be on hand to raise awareness of respiratory health issues through special screenings, exhibits and activities. Refreshments will be provided. Timberfest to raise funds for youth ... (more...)

Weightroom warriors

Caspar Star-Tribune - ... health home and garden range open spaces weekender science coupon source ... Raise the bar over your head as you push up. Arms, chest and back 2. Inverted rows Lie face-up on a bench-press bench. Use the ... (more...)

Exercising When Sick: A Good Move?

CBS News - ... Explore health issues including AIDS, cancer and antibiotics. ... Thirty minutes of regular exercise three to four times a week has been shown to raise immunity by raising levels of T cells ... (more...)

Smoke, Hospital Overcrowding Raise Serious Concerns as Calif ...

FOX News - The wildfires battering the landscape, homes and businesses of southern California may also take a toll on the health of the state?s residents, said Dr. Manny Alvarez, managing editor of health. The smoke, dust and ash choking the ... (more...)

Guatemalan migrant fights U.S. for his wages

Reuters UK - Science & Health ... Zapeta decided he had enough to return to his poor Mayan mountain village and buy a piece of earth on which to raise a ... (more...)

Laura Bush Helps Launch Health Center

Forbes - First lady Laura Bush helped launch a screening facility in Saudi Arabia Tuesday as part of a U.S.-Saudi initiative to raise breast cancer awareness in the kingdom where doctors struggle to break long-held taboos about the disease. Bush''s trip to ... (more...)

Lawmakers aim for budget deal

Lansing State Journal - They say it could further drive up costs for hospitals that have to take care of the uninsured, which could raise health coverage costs for everyone else. They''d prefer cutting reimbursement rates for doctors and others providing Medicaid-covered ... (more...)

Seniors'' healthcare choices expand

Boston Globe - Massachusetts health insurers are promoting a new type of Medicare coverage for seniors in 2008 that potentially offers better coverage than traditional government-sponsored Medicare. The new plans, called private fee-for-service, also raise ... (more...)

Democrats Unyielding on Health Plan Cost

FOX News - WASHINGTON ? House Democrats, convinced that President Bush blundered by vetoing an expansion of a children''s health care ... Alaska Woman Finds Corpse in Freezer Oklahoma Lawmaker Objects to Getting Koran as Gift Britney Spears'' New Pals Raise ... (more...)

A smile for Unicef

Adverblog: User generated content can create value for charities as well. In Argentina, Oral-B is currently running an integrated campaign to sell more products for mouth health, but also to raise money for Unicef. The online part it''s... (more...)

DoCoMo Wellness concept phone

UberGizmo: DoCoMo''s Wellness concept phone is something different that you won''t find on the market - it supposedly helps raise the bar of health awareness where its user is concerned, although the lack of tact in doing so could cause many people to bin this thing. It has a built-in pedometer that uploads your ... (more...)

Republican SCHIP Story Doesn''t Sell

Daily Kos: Republicans might have been able to spread enough fear to raise poll numbers on Iraq. But somehow, no matter how many 12 year olds they demonize, they just haven''t been able to raise the FUD levels on SCHIP. Even the oh so scary "Federally run health care system" just isn''t bringing out the ... (more...)

October is National Medical Librarians Month

Peter Scott''s Library Blog: "Medical Library Association created the National Medical Librarians Month observance to raise awareness of the important role of the health information professional. Patients and those in the health care community need the specialized services that medical librarians provide now more than ever ... (more...)

Scrapblog and March of Dimes Go on Tour

Mashable!: Scrapblog is holding a special promotion with the March of Dimes to raise awareness for the non-profit health agency that works specifically for improving the health of babies. The campaign is called “Every Baby Has a Story” and lets users create their most memorable baby story to share ... (more...)

Londonist: Two Years And 51 Weeks Old Today!

Londonist: So please raise a toast to our good health. For a more orthodox numerology, hold your horses for just one more week. Then, we are three. To help us celebrate our birthday in something loosely approaching style, head over to the Grafton Arms next Thursday, from 6.30. We''re in the upstairs bar and ... (more...)

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