The Cabbage Soup Diet Explained

The Cabbage Soup Diet Explained

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Here''s a great article about diet programs which talks about great ways to lose weight fast. Basically, the healthier your diet and the fewer bad foods you crave, the more weight you''ll lose. Of course, you''ll do even better if you add exercise and some cardio workouts into the mix. Read on for more advice on finding the best dieting program.

This one is almost certainly in the ''Fad'' camp. And you REALLY have to like cabbages in order to try this diet! You probably won''t be surprised to find that this 7 day diet plan requires you to eat cabbage soup, constantly. The rationale behind the Cabbage Soup Diet is that cabbage can somehow ''flush'' fat from your body. Of course, this claim is unsubstantiated, and has no medical research to back it up.While you have to basically eat a lot of cabbage soup, you can eat a few other things too. According to research done by staff at, a typical Cabbage Soup day might include all the cabbage soup you can eat, a couple of glasses of skinned milk, and an entire bunch of bananas.

This, of course is a recipe for wind, and that side effect is something the proponents of the Cabbage Diet don''t dwell on (much like Atkins Diet fans don''t mention the bad ''Lion'' breath it tends to give you!).If the cabbage soup diet works at all, it is because the base foodstuff is low cal. This restricts your calorific intake, while simultaneously filling you full of fiber and filling your stomach which lessens hunger pangs. The cabbage soup diet claims you can lose up to 10 pounds in a single day, which is dangerous to the extreme, and definitely not regarded as safe practice by doctors. As a ''crash'' diet, the initial weight loss tends to be mostly water, which is, of course, rapidly replaced. At, we therefore believe that as a long term solution to losing weight and keeping it off, the Cabbage Soup Diet probably has rather marginal utility.Should you try it? If your doctor has no objections, and you have a mild fetish for cabbages, and an air-conditioned house, feel free.

TIP: As you can tell by reading this, there''s a lot of stuff to know when you''re deciding whether or not to use this approach. In the meantime, be careful choosing which foods you eat, determine how much fat is in a serving portion, and balance your body''s nutritional requirements so as to maximize fat reduction over total weight loss.

Otherwise, you will probably be better off following a more health-orientated diet.

Gloria Edmonds writes articles exploring the latest fad diets for the free diet site.

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