WPS Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance provides

WPS Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance provides

WPS Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance provides

WPS Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance provides

WPS Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance provides

WPS Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance providesWPS Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance provides

WPS Health Insurance has deep roots in Wisconsin grounded in events that occurred in the mid-1940s. It was a time when many people were having difficulty paying for necessary health care. In response, the State Medical Society developed a low-cost insurance product, called the Wisconsin Plan, which permitted Wisconsin residents to budget the costs of health care. In 1946, the Medical Society established Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) to market and administer the plan.

More than 60 years later, affordable health care is still among people’s top concerns. WPS is at the forefront, offering flexible, cost-effective health plan solutions to the individual, small group, large group, and senior markets. We offer our members experience, stability, and the personalized service that has become our hallmark.

Insuring Wisconsin’s Health Since 1946.

WPS is one of the largest health benefits providers in the state, and after more than 60 years, remains Wisconsin’s only not-for-profit insurer offering health plans statewide to the public and private sectors. With offices in Eau Claire, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau, and more than 4,000 employees, we’re deeply committed to this state and its citizens.

From traditional PPO plans and self-funded administration to consumer-driven options such as our HSA-qualified high-deductible, HRA, and ConsumerSelect plans, WPS offers a broad array of products to meet the needs of our group and individual customers. In addition, more than 35,000 Wisconsin seniors have turned to us for supplemental insurance that helps them fill the gaps left by Medicare, and over 25,000 more have enrolled in our Medicare Part D plan.

Plus, our comprehensive provider networks include the physicians, specialists, clinics, and hospitals across Wisconsin that our customers know and trust. We also offer national networks to cover out-of-state health care needs.

We round out our product offerings through our wholly owned subsidiaries, Arise Health Plan and The EPIC Life Insurance Company. Arise Health Plan, our subsidiary based in Green Bay, offers HMO and Point-of-Service plans to the group and individual markets. The EPIC Life Insurance Company has been a provider of choice of non-medical group benefits for 25 years, offering Term Life, Short-term Disability, Long-term Disability, Dental, Vision, and Voluntary benefits throughout the Midwest.

Serving Millions of Military Families and Seniors.

Our track record of success in efficiently meeting the health coverage requirements of Wisconsin residents has led to significant administrative contracts with the United States Government.

  • Medicare Part A & B — WPS has been a contractor with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) since the inception of Medicare program. We administer Part B benefits in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota, and are among the largest and lowest-cost Medicare Part B administrators in the nation. In the most recent fiscal year, our Medicare division processed more than 100 million claims, with benefit payments of $8 billion for 4.6 million beneficiaries. With our recent acquisition of Mutual of Omaha’s Part A business unit, WPS is now processing claims for beneficiaries in all states, with the exception of New York. In addition, in 2007, WPS was awarded a contract from CMS to administer Part A and B benefits in Jurisdiction 5, which includes the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. With these recent developments and additions to our Medicare business portfolio, we anticipate processing approximately 157 million claims with benefit payments nearing $50 billion, effectively making WPS one of the largest fiscal intermediaries for the world’s largest health care financing entity, CMS.
  • TRICARE — WPS brings 53 years of continuous service and experience to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) TRICARE program. WPS provides claims administration, customer service, and other related activities for TRICARE beneficiaries and their families both at home and overseas. Through three separate contracts, WPS serves active duty and retired service members and their families under age 65 in the 21-state West Region, including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as all TRICARE-eligible active duty and retired service members and their families who live overseas. In 2001, when the U.S. Congress reestablished eligibility for retirees and their spouses over age 65, making the largest single improvement in benefits for men and women in uniform, the DoD entrusted WPS with the administration of this program. We were honored when in 2007, the DoD awarded WPS a contract extension through 2014. All told, we serve more than 4.5 million beneficiaries, processing over 58.5 million claims and making benefit payments in excess of $5 billion. The scale of our TRICARE business makes WPS the DoD’s largest fiscal intermediary.

Building Healthy Communities.

WPS is not only focused on our customers’ health. We also care about the health of the communities we call home. That’s why WPS actively supports community organizations including United Way, The Salvation Army, Komen Madison Race for the Cure, Very Special Arts of Wisconsin, and many more.

Put WPS to Work for You.

By staying true to our Midwestern values, and providing affordable health plans and superior service, WPS is poised to continue building upon our solid foundation to meet tomorrow’s health benefits needs. We invite you to learn more about how WPS can work for you today.

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