Why exercise?

Why exercise?

A few generations back, you hardly heard the word exercise. It seems that almost everyone got all the exercise they needed or wanted but that was before all the work saving devices became available. After that life supposedly became much easier. A lot of the walking, bending and lifting became a thing of the past but for every pro there seems to be a con. <!–more–> The law of physics says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The action of using work-savers resulted in more inaction so less energy was needed but at the same time, diets were maintained or increased. A synthesis was developed in exercise where all of the motions of life in the past are duplicated with the use of movement, weights and/or exercise machines. The human body seems to respond well to the exercise synthesis.

A synthesis of sorts also took place in the field of diet. More convenience in the preparation of food seemed to be in order which was quickly accepted as the norm for it meant more leisure time with less effort and activity. Unfortunately, transmutation of natural food into something with less nutrition and with substances that preserve and prevent the deterioration of food. I know that it’s natural to ask, “What has all of this to do with diet”?

Well, as unseemly as it may sound The deterioration of food that we call rotting is due to the enzyme action in the food itself. The difference is that when fresh fruits or vegetables are consumed in the diet, The natural enzymes in the food are combined with those produced in the body and the process is accelerated while the nutrition and energy are being extracted. I don’t think there is any doubt that the contents of a stomach in the process being during the process of digestion is rotten which is great as long as nothing interferes with the process.

So why have I chosen to talk about diet in the middle of a discussion about exercise? I see diet and exercise as being inseparable. Movement is good evidence of life in a body and without food and drink, it will not be able to move for very long. Both are indicators of life itself and whether genuine or synthesized, have a great influence your health. An expert, either in the field diet or exercise will embrace the importance of the other.

Changes are inevitable in planning and executing an exercise plan as new discoveries are made. One of the latest I have heard from a health standpoint is doing exercise in segments and doing them oftener. This coincides with what we said earlier about synthesizing the normal healthy movements in life. Different activities come in short bursts throughout daily life. My goal will be to inform you of the latest developments and offer plans that are flexible enough to fit your lifestyle such as this one…

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