" I know calmly now my daughter is fine, is nearby and our love survives.

"The 30 minutes [of my reading]was the most precious time I will ever experience. Point after point was right on. What a gift I have been given."

" I know calmly now my daughter is fine, is nearby and our love survives." "You have changed my belief in the afterlife and my outlook on life."

"You are my hero and I am a true believer in your gift."

"Joanna is truly a gifted individual she is very accurate and
amazing to hear. I am blessed to have experienced one of her readings!"

"I want to thank you for the feeling of love, peace and complete happiness I''ve felt since my reading. Just knowing my family and loved ones are still around me and are ok is such a blessing."

"You did a fantastic job connecting with my family. I cannot thank you enough." "You gave me goose bumps all night! This reading was on point. Thank you for connecting me to my loved ones."

''''Your accuracy is freaking me out :) thanks for everything. You will definitely have referrals from me.''

"I feel like I''m at John Edward!" "Can I please tell my friends and family about you? They need to have a reading!"

"Wow! You are incredible and your reading was amazing. you have renewed my faith in the spirit world and those that surround us. thank you for the wonderful blessing and gift."

"I can''t begin to tell you the comfort my reading with you has brought me. There are no words great enough to thank you."

"Joanna''s [readings] are among the best available anywhere in the world! She is a highly gifted Medium and you will be amazed at her clarity, accuracy, and compassion!"

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