7 Things to Consider When Buying Pure Argan Oil

7 Things to Consider When Buying Pure Argan Oil

Argan oil is an expensive commodity. Argan kernels from which the oil is extracted only grow in certain places throughout the world. Moreover, the production process is time-consuming. Ready-to-use pure argan oil has certain characteristics, allowing you to easily differentiate the real product from its lower quality counterparts. Below you will find some important things to consider when you buy pure argan oil.

1. Ingredients

Every product should attach a list of ingredients to its packaging or bottle. If you are looking for pure argan oil, then you should only see one item in the list. Pure argan oil is not mixed or combined with any additive such as preservatives and fragrance. If there is something else other than argan oil written in the list of the ingredients, you can be sure the product is not pure.

2. Bottle

It is best to store argan oil in dark colored bottle to avoid deterioration. In most cases, aluminum or stainless steel bottles also work well. Direct sunlight can easily damage the oil’s best properties. Good manufacturers are aware of this issue, so they will not use clear plastic bottles to store the oil. You will want to purchase argan oil products that last long without losing the benefits.

3. Scent

It is best to avoid any argan oil product that produces strong or aromatic smell. It is possible that the oil is mixed with certain additives such as fragrance. In some cases, such oil is good but only for culinary purpose, meaning it will not be much useful when you apply it to your skin, face, hair, or scalp.

If you come across argan oil product which does not produce any smell at all, you should also avoid it. It can be difficult to tell the exact smell of argan oil since it is highly affected by the seasons or timer of the extraction. Regardless of the smell, it will be gone immediately after you apply it because the oil is quickly absorbed by your skin.

4. Sediment

In every bottle of pure argan oil, there should be a bit of sediment in the bottom. The sediment should be cloudy or not clear. In contrast, fake or non-pure argan oil will produce very clear sediment or no sediment at all.

5. Texture

To feel the texture, you will have to try to apply it to your skin. The real pure argan oil is smooth, silky, and comfortable. If you apply it to a wounded skin, the oil will give a soothing effect.

6. Price

As mentioned earlier, argan oil is quite expensive. If you find products from certain manufacturers with very low price, you should be suspicious about this. Economical argan oil is often used for culinary purposes instead of cosmetic.

7. Customer Reviews

If you are trying to purchase argan oil products from online stores, you may need to read some customers’ testimonials about any given product. The testimonials are written by people who actually use the product in real life. Reviews are not product descriptions provided by the manufacturer.


Many products claim to be “pure” merely to attract customers and gain profits. Please be careful before purchasing by reading product descriptions, list of ingredients, and customers’ reviews if available. If you can try to use it before purchasing, please try to smell and feel its texture also to avoid fake products.

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