Affordable health insurance rates - Part 45

Affordable health insurance rates - Part 45

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In US News and World Reports recent ranking of the the nations top health insurance plans, CIGNA HealthCare Mid-Atlantic was rated as the top health plan in Virginia.  The US News rankings are based on member satisfaction, as well as their effectiveness in both preventing and treating illnesses.

According to the report the top 5 Commercial Health Plans in Virginia were:

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States

UnitedHealthcare Plan of the River Valley

CIGNA HealthCare Mid-Atlantic ranked 42nd nationally out of more than 600 health plans that participated in the report.

Is Nebraska Health Insurance Getting an Unfair Kickback?

This week’s health care news comes with threats of a lawsuit, should Nebraska health insurance enjoy what appears to be a kickback written into legislation.

According to The Washington Times, South Carolina’s Republican Attorney General intends to do just that in response to what he calls “The Cornhusker Kickback.”

This kickback takes the form of extra padding for Nebraska health insurance in the form of Medicaid services. Full Post…

Colorado Legislative Sessions Opens With Health Insurance Reform Bills

The 2010 legislative session in Colorado got underway this week, and included the introduction of a few bills aimed at health insurance reform on a state level.  HB 1008 would make it illegal for gender to be used in the determination of health insurance premiums, HB 1021 would require reproductive services to be covered by health insurance, and HB 1004 would implement standardized explanation of benefit (EOB) forms for insureds.  All of these measures are included in some form in the federal House and/or Senate bills that are being merged at the White House this week, but Colorado lawmakers are taking steps to try to implement these changes here at home without waiting for federal reform.  I

State Farm Health Insurance and Medicare

State Farm health insurance has teamed up with Humana in an alliance to offer Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, also known as Medicare Part D.  Humana’s Medicare Prescription Drug Plans offers guidance on how to save money on your prescriptions.  They make it easy for you to keep track of prescription costs.  They offer a SmartSummary RxSM statement which shows what you bought and the varying costs.

It’s benefits like these that make State Farm and Humana Medicare supplement insurance plans unique.  Humana offers 3 stand alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plans to help balance your health insurance budget.  In tod

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