Are You Suffering From Silent Inflammation?

Are You Suffering From Silent Inflammation?

Probably the main question that you’re asking right now is “What in the world is silent inflammation?”. I’m not convinced that “silent” is the best way to describe this condition but it appears to be the one that researchers have decided on so, there you are. They call it silent because you can’t feel it. In other words, it doesn’t rise up to the level of pain that you can feel.

Just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a problem. On the contrary, because it’s silent you don’t know it’s there and you can be suffering from it without knowing about it. After years of getting worse and worse it can eventually get to the critical point where it evolves into a chronic disease.

So, what’s so bad about silent inflammation? Inflammation is a key component of your immune system. It’s the bodys response to intrusions by foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses. Without it we would be at the mercy of every infection or minor bruise and we wouldn’t be able to recover from damage caused by sickness or injuries. Because we can’t feel the inflammation we don’t do anything about it as we would with an injury or a sickness that we can feel. The inflammation lingers on inside the body for years or even decades, causing damage to vital organs like the brain, lungs and heart.

Your diet is the primary determinant of your levels of silent inflammation. A diet that fights inflammation achieves it through the creation of molecules called prostaglandins. Some prostaglandins increase levels of inflammation. These are found in foods like red meat, sugar, coffee, alcohol and bread and pasta made from refined grains and white flour. Other prostaglandins fight off inflammation. These can be found in nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil, green tea, vegetables and wholegrain bread.

How can you tell if you’re suffering from silent inflammation? If you’re overweight, have a poor diet and rarely exercise, you’ve got a good chance. Measuring the extent of silent inflammation in your body can tell you just how serious the problem is. To do that there is a simple blood test that can tell you if you have dangerous levels of silent inflammation. This blood test measures two clinical markers. The first one measures the ratio of two fatty acids called arachidonic acid (AA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). This ratio gives an estimate of the balance between the bad acid (AA) and the good acid (EPA). The second test measures the level of a blood marker called high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP).

Effectively reducing your levels of silent inflammation requires changing your diet and start supplementing your diet with high dose ultra refined fish oil on a regular basis. This is why you want to use the most concentrated form of long chain omega 3 fatty acids enriched with EPA/DHA that have the lowest levels of toxic contamination, such as mercury, PCBs and dioxins. This will positively affect both the AA/EPA and hs-CRP ratio and bring down levels of silent inflammation.

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