Breast AugmentationWe all know that breast

Breast AugmentationWe all know that breast

Breast Augmentation

We all know that breast augmentation involves implants to restore volume of the breast. Many women decide to go forward with this procedure after a major weight loss or pregnancy. After these drastic changes to your body, the skin doesn’t always reshape to the way it was before. Or some women simply have irregular breast shape or asymmetrical breasts. There are many valid reasons to undergo breast augmentation. You should know and understand all the factors that may come into play when having the procedure done.

Common Myths About Breast Augmentation

The most important part of any surgery is the surgeon and a breast augmentation is not a simple procedure. It will require a respectable and certified surgeon.

You may be envious of a friend or another woman who has nice results after a breast augmentation. However, everyone’s breasts are different, which may require your surgery to be preformed differently. You will need to consult with a surgeon to determine what procedure will be best for you. You will also have to consider wether you want silicone or saline implants. They are equally safe options with different benefits.

The Ideal Candidate

Candidates should understand the procedure, including risks and benefits. It is important that patients are proceeding with the implants for themselves, rather than for anybody else. You should also be aware of the cost. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery we quote you a price during your free consult with Dr. Angobaldo where you may also discuss other options in conjunction with breast augmentation.

What to Expect

A board certified surgeon will help to determine which procedure would be best for you. After the procedure, you can expect some tenderness but not much bruising. You will be advised to get back to your routine as soon as possible as it promotes healing with your breasts.

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