How to Optimize Your Dog’s Glutathione Levels

How to Optimize Your Dog’s Glutathione Levels

Prescription drugs, poor nutrition, stress, environmental toxins and aging all deplete glutathione in your dog’s body.

This glutathione shortage does more than short-circuit the immune system. It also adversely affects other systems and organs, such as the lungs, nervous system, and intestinal tract. In fact, studies have linked many medical disorders to glutathione deficiency.nicorix recenzije

In order to maintain or regain his health, your dog needs more glutathione. But it does no good to feed him glutathione supplements. It’s well documented by scientists that glutathione in that form is mostly destroyed during digestion and is of little use to the body.pure muscle x

So what are you supposed to do?ultra max garcinia

Scientists have discovered that each cell requires three precursors for the body to produce glutathione – the amino acids glutamic acid, glycerine and cysteine.kankusta duo in aktion

finicky or picky bulldog pouting beside full bowl of dog food

Your dog should be getting enough glutamic acid and glycerine in his diet, but cysteine is another story.nicoin sprühen

It’s plentiful in raw milk and fresh eggs, but it’s “denatured” in pasteurization and cooking. And that makes it no longer biologically active in the body.zytax

In other words, your dog’s body can’t use it. And unless all three of these precursors are present in the body, glutathione cannot be produced.xtrasize დაფები

That wreaks havoc with your dog’s immune system and overall health.titan gel comentarii

But, fortunately, there are natural ways to help boost the level of glutathione in your dog’s body – and improve his overall health:derminax amazon

1) Non-pasteurized, non-denatured whey protein can make it safely through your dog’s digestive system – and delivers the cysteine needed to increase the levels of glutathione in his body.dr farin man composição

2) The hormone Melatonin – which is perfectly safe for your dog – has been found to raise glutathione levels in the brain, liver and muscle tissue.phantom 4 pro allegro

3) Milk thistle – another safe herb for canines – is known for its ability to stimulate the growth and regeneration of damaged liver cells. But it’s also been found to significantly increase glutathione production in the liver.

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