My step kids are heavy and my husband keeps feeding them bad stuff?

My step kids are heavy and my husband keeps feeding them bad stuff?

My step kids are heavy and my husband keeps feeding them bad stuff?

I have step kids from my husband’s previous marriage. They are both large kids and always stand out in the crowd. I am pregnant with my first baby girl right now and I am reading books about the right nutrition for babies and kids.

My husband on the other hand doesn’t care. He asks his kids: “What do you want to eat for dinner today” and the answer is always hot dogs or steak and mashed potatoes and a choc. cake for desert. I get so mad when he does that!

I told him that he must introduce veggies and healthy food to their diet but he doesn’t care (my husband is heavy too).

He tells me: Just get used to it. all our kids are going to be fat like their dad.”

I know it is still far in the future since the baby is not born yet, but I am very very worried. I was a chubby kid and I hated it. I want to protect my daughter. What should I do?

If she sees her siblings eating junk food, she’ll probably want some too….

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The easy solution is to keep it simple. They eat what you make, or they don’t eat. No grab what you want snacking, throw out all the bad stuff. Eventually they will eat what you offer, or eat their fingers. Tough love is the way to go. Tell your husband the same applies to him. If he thinks you’re being horrible to his kids, tell him to take it up with their mother, not you. You have the right to set boundaries in your own home, someone has to apparently.

Just introduce her to healthy foods from a young age so she acquires a taste for those foods as opposed to junk foods. That’s what my step-mother did with my little sisters and they don’t really care for junk food. in fact, they ASK for carrots and fruits and veggies. a junk food dessert for them is bananas and whip cream. (they are 7 and 10) I was a chunky kid too and I hated all the ridicule. She wont want junk food if she sees all the health problems the older kids are having!

I agree with the first answer and would also like to ask if your husband is aware of the health risks of being overweight?

have a early dinner like 5ish because when you eat later you are more likely not to lose the colories.

get a ymca membership if they ask why just say you want some more time together .

tell dad “get used to it . . Im the mother, & I decide the meals . . and we are goin VEGETARIAN”

Shoshana. . . The problem may be greater than the junk food. If your husband doesn’t respect you or your decisions, you need to get some counseling. Certainly, a healthy diet, what you buy at the grocery store, and what you prepare for meals should warrant some respect from him, especially if you are expected to raise these children. Good luck with this.

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