Natural Remedies for Asthma

Natural Remedies for Asthma

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Suffering from asthma attack is very difficult especially if you do not have any medicine at all. People with asthma need medicine at all times because it is the foundation of asthma treatment plan. However, some people who have asthma use natural remedies for their asthma. They much preferred using all natural supplements rather than a particular medicine at all.

Many researchers already look for natural remedies for asthma and studied them for long period of time. On the other hand, they still searching and keep studying about the natural remedies but some of the following treatments appear to have promise in curing your asthma in a natural way.

1. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits – some research recommend that eating fresh vegetables and fruits, particularly apples, carrots, leafy vegetables and tomatoes may guard against asthma.

2. Omega Fatty Acids – according to research, children who had a high levels of arachidonic acid, a fat that is well-known to cause swelling in the body, in their bodies be likely to be more liable to asthma. You can arachidonic acid in food like meat, shellfish and egg yolks. That is why the research recommend that you must reduce the intake of foods that are rich in arachidonic acid instead eat foods that are rich in omega fatty acids known to be good in the heart.

3. Alternative Therapies – these treatments work with your conventional medical care to help your health. Some of the examples of alternative therapies are Yoga, Buteyko “Shallow Breathing” Method and Biofeedback.

4. The Three Herbal Bs – these three herbal Bs compose of Butterbur, a perennial shrub that you can find in Asia, North America and Europe. It contains particular chemicals that are known to lessen smooth muscle spasms. Bromelian is a chemical that you can find in a pineapple that is also known to have an anti-swelling action. Last is the Boswellia, it is a herb that hinders with the chemicals that help in the process of inflammatory.

However, you also need to remember that even though that the following natural remedies are effective and have proven by researchers you still need to consult your doctor first for your own health.

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