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Posts Tagged ‘best medicine’

As a Life Coach I know our brain plays a huge part in our healing, it really does respond to the information that we feed it.

I needed to find a way to speed up my recovery.

This is where I went to find out how.

When I was in High School in the UK, I was booked in to go to a special communications course by John Cleese, unfortunately it was cancelled because his depression was so severe he had to take time out in therapy. That was in 1980 or 1981 and was one of the biggest disappointments in my life. I still look out for things he does as my life changes, as all our lives always do.

Let me tell you that John Cleese from huge films, comedies as in Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, nor the Nine O’Clock News fame, is an incredible man who suffers from severe depression and is so open about his condition.

See how he uses laughter and the brain connection.

Get away with it by faking it. Fake it Fake it till you make it.

Laughter that is!! It’s Wonderfully Ridiculous

Check out the anger management part

I’m betting you it was impossible for you to not raise a smile, if not a chuckle, as you watched.

Practice makes perfect.

I had forgotten how to laugh, I said no to playing with my kids, i’m a single mum and I couldn’t join in, it made me feel so guilty.

I felt isolated, alone, so I decided to make Laughter a part of my recovery.

To start with it was hard, I didn’t feel like laughing because the pain was so bad, I forced myself to watch funny movies and video clips daily. My dosage started at 30mins of funny videos a day, now I watch an hour at least throughout the day as I need it.

Here is one I love amongst many.

It’s totally ingenious and guaranteed to raise at least a chuckle for those of us that love Frank Spencer in ‘Mothers do ave em’, the same person, as in the Michael Crawford who had a lead role as the phantom, in Andrew Lloyds Phantom of the Opera.

As our blog develops you will find lots of classic clips and new ones too.

Keep tuned in or suggest your own

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