The Boston Marathon: Worlds Most Famous Marathon For Runners

The Boston Marathon: Worlds Most Famous Marathon For Runners

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One of the world’s most renowned marathons is undoubtedly the Boston Marathon. It is probably the oldest and most renown marathon run today. Being part of the World Marathon Majors, The Boston Marathon has a maximum participant field of 25,000 runners The race starts out within the rural town of Hopkinton and is run through the renowned span of eight cities and towns before completing in Boston’s Back Bay.

It was on April 19, 1897 that the very first Boston Marathon was run. Marathons would soon pass that Olympic spirit to America. After experiencing the heart and magnificence of the Olympic Marathon, Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) member and inaugural US Olympic Team Manager John Graham was inspired to organize and conduct a marathon inside Boston area. Using the assistance of Boston businessman Herbert H. Holton, various routes were considered before a measured distance of 24.5 miles from Metcalf’s Mill in Ashland to the Irvington Oval in Boston which was eventually chosen. John J. McDermott of New York emerged from a 15 contestant beginning field to capture the very first B.A.A. Marathon in a time of 2:55:10.

In 1896, the first modern Olympic marathon distance of 24.8 miles was based on the length run, based on famed Greek legend. The Greek foot-soldier Pheidippides had been despatched from the plains of Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of the unexpected triumph over the Persian army. Upon reaching the leaders of the City of Athens, he only had enough energy to declare, “Rejoice! We conquer!” then collapsed and died of exhaustion.

Marathons official distances had been later changed in 1908 as a result of the Olympic Games held in London. That year, King Edward VII and Queen Alexandria wanted the marathon race to begin at Windsor Castle outside the city to ensure that the Royal family members may well witness the start. The distance between the castle and the Olympic Stadium in London was twenty six miles. Marathon planners added additional yards to the finish around a track, 385 to be precise, so the runners would finish in front of the king and queen’s royal box. Since the 1908 Olympic Games, marathons have been run at that distance (26 miles, 385 yards).

In 1924 the Boston Marathon’s starting line was moved from Ashland to Hopkinton In 1927, to conform to Olympic standards now held for marathons. The B.A.A. lengthened the Boston Marathon course to the full length of 26 miles, 385 yards.

Monday, April 19, 1897 marked the very first Boston Marathon. Each year the race is held on third Monday of April and continues being the one of the most exclusive marathons ever.

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