Welcome to HealthShare!

Welcome to HealthShare!

Welcome to HealthShare!

HealthShare is excited to partner with local health care providers so we can offer affordable health coverage to local uninsured, small business employees who may otherwise not have the means available to them to afford health services. By empowering the patient to be an active participant in improving their own health by focusing on well care instead of sick care, we can help establish a healthier community and lower overall health care costs for the future.

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Not currently a participating HealthShare provider? Contact Layla Lang to find out more about the program and how you can become involved.

Referrals and Prior Authorizations

HealthShare requires our members to be active participants in their overall health care coordination. We require our members to contact our Care Manager (336-5706) for all their referrals and prior-authorizations. However, we will also accept a referral/prior-authorization request from a provider if your office chooses to do so on behalf of our member. When a referral or prior-authorization has been approved, or in rare cases denied, the member''s PCP along with the specialist and/or facility performing the service or test will be faxed a copy of HealthShare''s Determination. Click here for a sample of the form.

Our members have been educated that it is ultimately their responsibility to contact HealthShare to obtain a determination on a referral and/or prior-authorization. They understand that failure to do so will result in them being fully responsible to pay for the denied bill in its entirety.

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