What to expect as a Teladoc user video

What to expect as a Teladoc user video

Watch and learn what you can expect when you use Teladoc to solve your medical issues.

Telehealth solves many non-emergent medical issues. Teladoc the first and largest telehealthcare provider in the nation shows how Americans are changing the way they cost-effectively receive care by providing 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified Physicians.

*Please Note – With Health Options Membership the required $38 consultation fee is waived. Health Options members, their spouse and dependents have UNLIMITED telehealthcare access with ZERO consultation fees! All expenses for Teladoc consultations are already INCLUDED in the Health Options Membership fee! Unlimited Physician / Pediatrician telehealthcare consultations and NEVER a consultation fee for Health Options Members, their spouse and dependents!

Programs are offered in English and Español.

In the following Teladoc video, a $38 consultation fee is mentioned. For Health Options Members and their families, there are ZERO Consult Fees!

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EMPLOYERS and GROUPS: Group packages and pricing available. There are no term commitments and employees or members can be added or removed at any time. The monthly fee covers the employee and their family, offering UNLIMITED USAGE with NO CONSULT FEES. We make it simple for employers and groups to provide this low cost benefit to every employee or member including salaried employees, volunteers, and even hourly, part time, or seasonal employees. Health Options is not insurance – everyone qualifies! Our programs are fast and easy to implement. Accounts can be started any time of year and add value to any benefit package.

Programs are offered in English or Español.

Learn more about how Unlimited Health Options can benefit your employees and obtain group plans and pricing. Contact us at:

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