Whoa! My weight has changed!

Whoa! My weight has changed!

I finally went out and bought a bathroom scale. I’ve never been too concerned about my weight, but when I have had a chance to weight myself, I’ve inched up in my life, to around 150 pounds. Growing up, I was always 135. Getting older, in college, I was 130, then for a long time now I’ve been 150. I still look good I think, just a little fat around my sides and lower back, but being an athlete, I’m always super-fit. I have tried to lose that side-fat sometimes, my using abs exercises, but I’ve not really been able to lose it.

Well, yesterday I weighed myself, and I’m at 135! I couldn’t believe it! This morning, the day after my cleanse, I weighed 130 pounds. Wow. But now, settling in after a breakfast and with some clothes on, I am at my weight from when I was 18 years old: 135 pounds. Unbelievable. Erica thinks I look good, that I’ve lost some fat around the belly and I look strong. I haven’t really been exercising that much, just doing my cleanse habits, two shakes a day and one or two meals, and one cleanse day a week. To me, the weight is a side-benefit. I’ve definitely also had more energy and not as much of a need for sleep.

Yay for Isagenix! It’s the products and the structured system that made it really easy for me to lose 15 pounds – now I think with exercise I’ll gain it back as muscle. Now to go snowboarding! Seeya!

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